Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics focuses on the five different indicators of good health: muscular endurance, muscular strength, body composition, cardiorespiratory health and flexibility. The workouts help to build lean muscle, reduce body fat and develop correct posture.  It is also perfect for helping to heal injuries or reduce pain caused by arthritis. Most importantly, the instructors make it a fun and challenging class so that anyone, regardless of ability, can get an optimal workout.

AquaFit  - This is unlike any Water Aerobics Class you have ever taken or even heard of!!  This hour long class is packed full of fun exercises, awesome music and great fellowship with other participants.  All of this and you will burn way more calories than you ever thought possible!  So no matter your age, gender, or athletic ability this class is for you!!  Come try your first class FREE (No reservation needed) and see for yourself!  

HydroTone - It is a HIGH INTENSITY water fitness program with little to no impact on joints. It will expand lung capacity, while also providing the same benefits as strength training programs traditionally found in the gym. This program is UNIQUE because it provides a cross-training of swimming, water polo, water aerobics, modified plyometrics, and traditional strength and cardiovascular exercises. The class CHALLENGES swimmers of all ages and physical shape. Whether you are a recreational swimmer or you have an extensive aquatic background, the hour-long session will PUSH YOU TO YOUR LIMIT!



Testimonies from Water Aerobics Participants at GAC: 


 “I’ve done many types of exercising over the years, but water aerobics is the only one I truly love and enjoy.  I’ve seen more results from this than any other form of exercise.  Try it!  You’ll love it!  And our instructor Lauren is fabulous!



“From the day I started water aerobics at the Georgia Aquatic Center, I have lost 15 pounds and now can wear my size 4 pants again!”


“I have a knee injury from years of dancing and it has hurt for quite a while.  But ever since I started coming to water aerobics the pain has subsided and I am able to do so much more in and out of the water.  I am so grateful!”



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