Private Lessons

Private lessons (30 minute sessions) will hold one instructor and one participant in the water. These lessons are tailored specifically to what each swimmer needs/wants to improve. 



1 lesson for $35.00

4 lessons for $125.00

8 lessons for $240.00


1 lesson for $45.00

4 lessons for $165.00

8 lessons for $300.00

Group Lessons

Our group lessons have a swimmer to instructor ratio of 4:1 or less. We start lessons with children as young as 4 months old! Each student learns at a different pace, which is why we place swimmers in classes based on skill rather than time spent in a certain class. You can find our class descriptions below. All group lessons are 30 minutes long except for Blue Marlins (45 minutes).


Group lessons are paid by the month.

GAC Members

Once Weekly for $55.00

Twice Weekly for $100.00 


Once Weekly for $75.00

Twice Weekly for $120.00

For non-members, an Oconee Swim Academy (OSA) membership is required in order to participate in group lessons. This covers the yearly registration fee for each swimmer and also gives each enrolled swimmer access to our "open swim" times. Open swim times allow swimmers to further practice their skills while also exploring the water outside of class time. Open swim times are posted at the beginning of each month, but they are typically held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in our indoor heated lesson pool. 

OSA membership fees are $25 per swimmer or $55 per family.

Class Descriptions

WaterBabies (age under 3)

These classes focus on comfort and ease in the water for both swimmers and parents! The more advanced levels of this class focus on swimmers' independence while also learning water-safety skills such as floating and rolling over to call for help.

WaterBabies 1 (4 - 36 months)

This water introduction class uses games, songs, and patterns to encourage comfort in the water. We utilize a fun approach to scary skills to make submersion and back floats fun instead of daunting.

WaterBabies 2 (4 - 36 months)

This water exploration class shifts focus to the swimmer's bond with instructors while continuing to become more comfortable with skills like submerging, floating, and rolling over independently.

Tadpole (18 - 36 months)

This water propulsion class starts with parents on the side and transitioning out of the water, as the swimmers work with instructors to perfect the skills of independent floating, submerging, and rolling over

Water Safety School (age 3 and up)

Intended for students age 3 or older who are unable to float on their back independently and call for assistance. In addition to this potentially life-saving skill, swimmers will also learn elemantary backstroke and freestyle.

Starfish - "Submersions"

This water introduction class uses games, songs, and patterns to encourage comfort in the water and comfort in submerging.

Jellyfish - "Floats and Glides"

This water exploration class introduces back floats, glides, and kicks as swimmers become more confident and water safe.

Seahorse - "Rollover and Kicking"

This water propulsion class ensures our swimmers can roll over onto their back from any position and introduces kicking on their back to build endurance.

Stroke School (age 3 and up)

For students age 3 or older who can jump in, roll over, float, and exit the water independently. Students will learn proper technique and develop proficiency in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, treading water, and diving.

Turtle - "Beginner Strokes"

This beginner stroke class introduces elementary backstroke and freestyle while emphasizing side kicking and breathing.

Dolphin - "Breaststroke & Dolphin Kicks"

This intermediate stroke class introduces elementary breaststroke and dolphin kicks.

Blue Marlins - "Mini Swim Club"

This advanced stroke club fine-tunes all four strokes, develops greater endurance, and introduces competitive training in preparation for swim team.


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