How can I contact you?

We are available to answer your questions via Email at osa@georgiaaquaticcenter.com or phone at (706)769-2782

Do you offer make-up classes?

Make Up classes are offered at no additional cost as long as you give us advance notice of your absence. We believe that the consistency in attending weekly lessons is so important that we offer make-ups lessons during any open class time that fits your swimmers level before or after a planned absence. Of course, life gets in the way sometimes too, so as long as you let us know before class starts, you will always be eligible for a make up. The make ups never expire and we will be happy to help you schedule them! Please note, make-ups cannot be used as credit or be refunded.

How much are classes?

You can find all of our prices here

How does “monthly” billing work?

We believe it takes time to learn to swim properly. Once you enroll in lessons, you will stay enrolled and be billed monthly until you give written notice. Billing happens between the 20th and 25th of each month, so notify us by the 15th and you will not be billed for the following months lessons. Your first month may be prorated based on your sign-up date.

What should we bring to class?

Everyone must bring a bathing suit and a towel. For swimmers under 3, we have strict double diaper policy. They must wear a disposable swim diaper with a reusable one over it.  Stroke School swimmers can also bring goggles and all swimmers in this level must wear swim caps to prevent hair in their face while learning side breathing and new strokes.

Can my swimmer wear goggles?

Only swimmers in the Stroke School can wear goggles. We want to ensure that no matter what we are water safe, and googles can become a crutch!

Do you offer trial lessons?

We do not have trial lessons, but we offer assessments if the calendar permits. We know it may take 3-4 classes for some timid swimmers to adjust and a “trial” lesson wouldn’t give us an accurate indication for how well they will do in class. If you are unsure what level they should be in, please let us schedule a 10 minute assessment!

What is your cancellation policy?

Since billing occurs between the 20th and 25th of each month, so long as you give written notice to oconeeswimacademy@gmail.com by the 15th, you will not be billed for the following month.

Can I request a specific instructor?

We value the time and effort it takes for our instructors and swimmers to build trust and rapport so we will do our best to schedule you with your preferred instructor. However, we cannot guarantee any instructor’s schedule nor that your regular instructor is available when scheduling makeups.

Can I watch the swim lesson?

Absolutely! Since we are fostering a fun, gentle and safe learning environment, we love to have our parents involved in every lesson! This also ensures you are getting up to date feedback and able to watch the progress each week. For some, it may be distracting and your instructor will let you know if they think some separation may be beneficial at first. Regardless, we ask that parents stay seated and do not talk with their swimmers, other swimmers or the instructors during class time! This could make for distractions and an unsafe environment.

What is the OSA membership fee?

This fee covers the yearly registration for each enrolled swimmer and gives access to our open swim times. This schedule will be posted at the pool and will be first come, first served as there is limited capacity in the pool.

Can we come early or stay late after lessons to practice?

Not unless you are members of GAC or there happens to be an open swim before or after your lesson.

Do GAC members get a discount?

YES! Members get a $20 discount on group lessons, a $10 discount on private and semi private lessons, and have their OSA Membership fee waived.

If I decide to become a GAC member what happens to my OSA membership fee?

Your membership fee will be credited towards your next month of lessons after you sign up.

What happens if weather causes classes to be cancelled?

We will send all of our parents a communication as well as announce the closure on our social media. If we do cancel class unexpectedly, you will see a credit applied to your account which will be deducted from the next months billing.

How long will it take for my swimmer to learn?

At OSA we embrace the traits and qualities that make every swimmer unique! Every child is different, therefore there is no concrete answer to this question, but we do know that exposure and consistency are key! We know this is a large investment and it seems like maybe you should wait for your swimmer to be older and therefore learn “quicker”. Science tells us this is actually the opposite of the truth! The leading cause of death in children under 4 years old is drowning, so swim lessons do not only provide peace of mind for you as a parent,  but are also proven to be beneficial in other areas of a child’s development if enjoyed year round, including improved motor skills and brain function.


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