Our Program

Oconee Swim Academy’s professional instructors use a swimmer-centric teaching method as opposed to the more conventional skills-centric method. This means you will see a lot of songs, games, and toys in our infant and toddler classes!


Traditional skills-based programs allow instructors to focus on an individual swimmers skill set, sometimes resulting in negative feelings about water or mistrust in instructors. Our swimmer-centric method at OSA allows swimmers of all ages to learn through play, song, and imagination.


Relying on our proven methods, we believe this is what separates our program from more conventional swim schools and yields more water-safe and developmentally-sound swimmers. We use games, songs, and toys to ease the swimmers into a lifelong love affair with water, thus avoiding the pressure and anxiety of conventional skills-based learning methods.

Since we base our approach on the swimmer’s needs, we have developed a multi-level program that is divided into three schools making it easy to determine the perfect level for your swimmer.